Bloodworks has aligned with Health Passport Worldwide, combining the most advanced and validated testing solutions, with secure digital technologies to provide a mobile Health Passport system. Using the Health Passport Worldwide app, you now have immediate access to your personal COVID-19 status, which you can choose to display or scan whenever appropriate.

Health Passport Worldwide is a specially designed system that combines the most advanced and validated testing solutions, with secure digital technologies to provide a mobile Health Passport system. It has has been developed specifically to work with all official test types, including PCR and rapid tests. Health Passport Worldwide does not track user activities, does not use Bluetooth, does not use GPS, and does not monitor your location. Your privacy is fully protected.

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A PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) is a molecular diagnostic test. This detects genetic material of a virus or bacteria, using a lab technique called nucleic acid amplification. These tests detect a current infection. A PCR test may also be required for international travel.
A PCR test can detect a current infection using a sample from a nasal or throat swab.
Results are available within 24 hours.


Rapid Antigen Tests detect certain proteins in your body that are a part of the Coronavirus. Antigen testing is becoming more and more important for travel, events and reopening businesses. A positive detection can be quite accurate, however the test is potentially not as sensitive as a molecular test. A positive Antigen test might need to be confirmed with a subsequent PCR test. 
Results are available within 20 minutes.


The Rapid Antibody test is a small blood test for highly accurate results and can show both previous and current infection. There are two main antibodies which are detected: IgM which can often indicate a recent infection; and IgG which indicates a previous infection. IgG antibodies can remain in your bloodstream for 6 months after infection.
Results are available within 20 minutes.

Don't forget to download your Health Passport Worldwide
app before arriving for testing.

This speeds up the testing process and reduces contact time.

Note for Parents and Guardians

Users of Health Passport Worldwide must be aged 16 and over. However, parents and guardians can add Dependants to their Health Passport Worldwide application.

To add a Dependant, log in to your Health Passport Worldwide app and navigate to the Menu icon; the 3 lines in the top right corner of the application.

Navigate to Account Settings then continue to Your Dependants.

Tap Add Dependant and fill in your dependant's information including First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Country of Residence.

Once your dependant has been added, tap Switch to this account. 

You can then switch between your own account and your Dependants by navigating to the Menu icon in the top right corner of the app and tapping Account Settings. Continue to Your Dependants.

Here you are able to view your Dependants COVID-19 test history and vaccination status.

For further instructions on how to set up your

Health Passport Worldwide app please visit HERE.

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