Bloodworks has partnered with Health Passport Europe, combining the most advanced and validated testing solutions, with secure digital technologies to provide a mobile Health Passport system. Using the Health Passport Europe App, you now have immediate access to your personal COVID-19 status, which can choose to display or scan whenever appropriate.

The Health Passport is a specially designed system that combines the most advanced and validated testing solutions, with secure digital technologies to provide a mobile Health Passport system. It has has been developed specifically to work with all official test types, including PCR and rapid tests. Health Passport Europe does not track user activities, does not use Bluetooth, does not use GPS, and does not monitor your location. Your privacy is fully protected.

To find out more about the Health Passport please visit HERE.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - To download the “Health Passport Europe” open the Apple App Store or Google Play store and search for “Health Passport Europe” and download.


You can also use your device’s browser by tapping HERE and choosing the appropriate store for your device.

Step 2 - When the app has downloaded to your device, open the app by tapping the “Health Passport Europe” icon on your device’s Home Screen. 


Step 3 - If the app asks for permission to offer notifications, tap “allow”. 

Note: If your device has notifications turned off, you can view any recent notifications by tapping the bell icon near the top right corner of the Health Passport Europe app.


Step 4 - Set Up Your Account by tapping the “Setup Your Account” button and following the onscreen instructions: 


Fill in your email address and tap "Continue". 

Fill in your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Phone number, Country of Residence and create a Password that you will remember.

Note: Please make your password at least 8 characters long, including at least one number and one upper case letter. It is best to write this down for safe keeping. 


A screen will ask you to confirm the information you have just submitted. Double check to see if they are correct and tap "Register". 


Step 5 - A 6 digit code will be sent as a text message to the mobile number you have provided. Input this unique code and tap “Log In”. 


Step 6 - Read over the user consent form, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap agree. Note: You will need to scroll to the bottom of this page to use the “agree” button.


Step 7 - Upload a profile picture by tapping “Upload”. You may be asked to allow access to your device’s camera and photo gallery. Either “take a photo” now with your device’s camera or choose an existing photo from your phone’s photo gallery. Make sure the photo is well lit, clear, face on with your eyes open. This photo must be a clear photo of your face with no other faces visible.


Once you have uploaded your profile photo, ensure you are satisfied with it and tap “Save”.

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