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Chromosome Analysis

Service Details

Please Note: For chromosome analysis, karyotype and microdeletions; a doctor’s referral letter is required. This test looks for changes, or abnormalities, in the chromosomes that make up your body's DNA, or genetic road map. You may need this test for a variety of reasons, from helping to diagnose disease to finding out whether you have any changes in your genes that may be passed on to your children. Here are some reasons to have this test: To help diagnose or plan treatment for a disease. To find out your risk of developing a disease you may have inherited. To find out whether you carry a genetic change that may be passed onto your children. To find out whether your unborn child may have a genetic problem. To diagnose a genetic problem in a newborn or young child. To find out why you are having trouble getting pregnant. To find out why you are having miscarriages, or losing a baby before birth. Results in 1 business day. NOTICE: You are required to fast 10 hours before your scheduled appointment. You may drink water as normal.

  • 340 euros
  • Bloodworks Skerries

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

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