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Online medical consultation services offer a convenient way to access healthcare services without having to travel to a doctor's office or clinic.


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Bloodworks recommends Dr.Online for video consultations catering for a broad range of medical services. All bookings are made directly with Dr.Online. If you have any questions or queries related to your consultation, please contact directly on their site:

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Dr. Online Services

Doctor with Computer

GP Video Consultation

During the online GP consultation, the doctor conducts a thorough medical review by asking questions. The questions may cover symptoms, general condition or feeling of the patient, any health concerns, and the results of previous medical tests.

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Hypertension Video Consultation

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is when the pressure in blood vessels is too high. The Hypertension Consultation provides an effective screening, evaluation and treatment of this medical condition; follow-ups patients promoting healthy habits and avoiding potential risk factors.

Diabetes Self Management Program

Diabetes Video Consultation

Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition that can lead to serious problems if not well treated and accompanied. The Diabetes consultation is essential to prevent major problems and to promote healthy habits. It is also beneficial for overweight patients and patients with suspected Diabetes. 

Applying Facial Cream

Dermatology Video Consultation

The GP dermatological consultation provides an effective screening, diagnosis and treatment for dermatological concerns affecting skin, hair and nails.

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